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ASTROGON A dynamic and colorful precision platformer in a galactic environment. The in-game level editor gives you the opportunity to create your own levels and share it with the world. Comment, like and watch people play your levels via replays.
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INFINITY LAND Completely free browser game. A pixel art challenging 2d platformer with a powerfull and rich level editor. Create your own levels, challenge yourself and others. No installation required.


Kosmoon Studio, a game development company based in France, was founded in 2020 by two cousins, responding to the nicknames of Thorfinn and Thorsen.
Thorsen is a self-taught game developer and fullstack web developer. Truly passionate and obsessed by what he does, he also learned to become a graphic designer, to edit videos and to create the music for his games.
Thorfinn is a multipotentialist, artist, true digital entrepreneur, business manager, specialized in education and social, trained in management sciences, law and international business.
After working separatly for several years, the perspective of combining their two talents seemed to be an exellent idea for a perfect combo.


Kosmoon Studio's vision of the gaming industry can be summarised in three words: "Respect the player". We place the player's gaming experience above all other aspects. We don't make casual, easy, "give me your money" type games. We want to involve the creativity and the cleverness of our players. That's why our first two games are also a kind of social network and a sandbox where players create their levels.

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